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Visually driven social media networks like Instagram can be among the best ways to get your business out there.  You can use all the ads or marketing tricks possible to get an audience to your accounts, but if you do not have quality content there to keep them interested, it will be all for nothing.  We will focus on the quality of visual content you are putting out there to help you gain more followers and more business.

It’s time to invest in your visual first impression.

We will create your signature, brand-aligned look that will build your following and help you gain new customers.

Style Guides


Create your unique style and look for your brand

What is a style guide? 

A style guide is a visual representation of the look and style of your brand.  You would use this guide as a constant reference to how you create your visuals for your media accounts.

Wait, why is this important? Why do I need this?

  • Think of your social media page as your visual first impression. Potential customers will come to this page and have an instant reaction.  They will love it, hate it or worse, be indifferent and move on.  Having a unified look shows your viewers that you are someone to be taken seriously. 

Let’s give a visual example to explain better:

Instagram Grid

What do you think of when you see these series of photos?

Do you like them?

Do you have a feeling for the look and style of this feed? Do you want to see more?

Chances are, most of the answers above were positive ones. Whether you realize it or not you are responding to the visuals almost immediately when looking at a profile. As you do when you step into a new space, meet a new person, look at the cover of a book, you are already forming your impression of that place, person or thing. Social media is no different. If anything, it’s even more important to put forth a good first public impression. In this example, the tones all have a similar theme. They are soft, subdued, desaturated and not overly contrasty. By contrast me mean that the high and low tones are not overly hot or dark.  

The most important thing is that they are consistant with one another, forming a curated collection of images instead of a mismatched assortment that tells no story and has no connection with one another.

If we were to just put one image in there that did not fit the style of the others, the visual respresentation would be changed dramatically even though the rest stayed the same.

By creating a style sheet to go by, you will always have reference to keep the look cohesive, well curated and designed which will result in a quality visual impression leading to more followers and clients int he long run.

Every style sheet is designed specially for you!

We will custom create a style that fits your brand and message.  See what the power of a visual curated page can do for your business. Here are some examples of powerfully designed instagram grids that have a cohesive style and make a visual impact when a user visits the profile.

(*These profiles are not associated with DESIGN KATAT)

Content Creation


Let us take care of the visual content

What’s the first thing viewers notice on your instagram account?  The visuals!  A platform like instagram is first and foremost about pretty pictures.  If you are missing this key element, then you will have a hard time gaining followers and potential customers from one of the largest social media platforms today.  Do you want to miss out on that?  No, I didn’t think so!  That’s why you are here.  DESIGN KATAT is here to create your unique social media style guide and get you on your way to becoming a social media superstar by utilizing quality visuals.

    How this will help you:

    Imagine a world where you do not have to search, edit and create images/visuals to post on your social media accounts. Think of all the time that will save. We’ll provide a month’s worth of beautiful, visually cohesive imagery to your finger tips, to make this vision a reality.

    • 30 ready to post image plans
    • Pricing and details below 

    Custom Promo Graphics


    The possibilities for using a custom promo graphic are endless!

    Do you have an event that you would like to promote using your signature graphic?

    Are you going on Facebook Live and would like to remind your audience with a promo graphic?

    Are you doing a giveaway and need a promo graphic that aligns with your brand?

    How will this help you?

    • It will show your audience that you are professional and they will take your brand more seriously.
    • Promo graphics, when used consistently, will add to the instant recognition of your brand.

    Plans and Pricing

    This is a done-for-you solution. No figuring out templates or new software. You give us your content assets (copy and visuals, if you have them) and we will do the rest.

    Sit back, focus on your business.  We’ve got this covered for you!

    Style Guide

    • Includes a 12 grid style frame for your brand.
    • Video tutorial on how to choose visuals to stay consistent with your new brand style.
    • Custom made step by step video tutorial on how to recreate your unique designed look for your future posts.

    Content Creation

    • $99 : Send us 15 images and we will color correct them to match the style/look of your brand.
    • $450 : We will create 30 images for you using stock photos/internet photos
    • $950: Have a product? Send us your product and we will take professional photographs of your product.  Deliverables: 30 images.
    • tbd : Are you in the NYC area and have a space or lifestyle that you would like photographed?  We will come to you, take photographs and deliver you great content to use in all  your social media outlets.

    Promo Graphics

    • $649: Custom promo graphic design that you can use throughout your brand to create a polished professional look!
    • Video showing how to use your custom graphic with multiple uses.
    • $25/image for promo graphic implementation after graphic is designed.

    What are you waiting for?

    Start maximizing your time and focus on the end goal:  YOU!

    Create my content !

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